Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Journey

After losing our son, Colton J, on April 3, 2008....I have been both inspired and healed by many stories of women who have also experienced infertility as well as the tragic death of a much anticipated baby through early pregnancy loss, stillbirth or in the first few moments to months of life. 

While I am still confused about the technicalities surrounding our experience (it wasn't a miscarriage because he was born at 24 weeks... nor was it a stillbirth because he wasn't born still...but did he actually take a breath?) this was my attempt to share our story in hopes that I can return the gift that has been given to me.

The gift of comfort and understanding;
The gift of continued healing.

Chapter 1: The Miracle

Chapter 2: The Pregnancy

Chapter 3: Without Great Love There Would Not Be Great Sorrow

Chapter 4: A Whole Lot Of Love

Chapter 5: Five Years Later, Still Moving The Infertility Line

Chapter 6:  Six Years of Empty Arms and Full Pockets

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