Saturday, June 28, 2008

Run Forest...Run!

For those of you who do not know my brother Craig, let me preface this communication by stating the obvious - he is wildly nutty and borderline crazy! I have no idea from which planet he was morphed but somehow the experts say that we're from the same DNA/gene pool and I couldn't be more proud!

So this is what the crazy European is doing now...he is running an "ultra marathon" which covers approximately 180 miles coast-to-coast in England. He is planning to cover the distance in approximately 7 days of running (July 28 -July 5), with an average daily distance of around 26 miles, or basically a marathon a day for a week. (I told you - CRAZY)

He is doing it for two very special people in his life, one being my Uncle Ray who was recently diagnosed with a form of dementia associated to Alzheimer's. Our family is currently navigating our way through this difficult experience. In memory of Anna (a close friend who recently died of Alzheimer's ) and my uncle, Craig decided to undertake the personal challenge of running across England (roughly following the Wainwright Coast-to-Coast path) for three reasons:

First, he'd like to help raise money for the local Alzheimer’s Societies in the US and UK which have provided so much help and support to Anna and Ray (along with thousands of others who suffer from this terrible disease). It is a cause which I hope you will also support.

Second, he'd like to raise awareness of dementia and the needs of those who both suffer and provide care. One in three people will suffer from some form of dementia, so many of us will have a vested interest in legislation, medical treatment policy, and other decisions that determine the level of care and support provided.

Third, he's literally running for his life...and so should we! He's always loved running and wants to challenge himself physically and enjoy life while he still can. Sort of the carpe deum thing I guess. It's inspirational and I couldn't be more proud of this proactive challenge. It has Aaron and I thinking...perhaps we should run for our lives too!

Visit his website to gain some information, inspiration, or ideas about how you can help this good cause. If for nothing 10 year old nephew is blogging the experience which will be funny (in a British sort of way).

Ironically, I was showing the website to my new employee yesterday (who served a mission in England) and he said...."Oh my gosh - Bishop Wilson is your brother?! Seems my newest employee has eaten a good meal at brother's house before I have. Yet another proud moment!

Run Forest...Run!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom - Over What Hill?

It has been a really fun week. On June 3rd my mother celebrated her 65th birthday so my siblings and I decided to surprise her with an "Over What Hill?" birthday party. We had a blast in Idaho for Saturday's event and I learned another really important lesson....if you want something done right - do it yourself!
My brother Clay's only task was to keep my mom occupied for a few hours before the party so that we could decorate, get the dutch ovens cooking, and get everyone into place. An important part of the plan was that she would be blindfolded so we could give her the heart stopping moment we were looking for! Needless to say... somewhere between Costco and 3420 Wilson Lane... my brother decided that was a dumb idea so he did it his way (which was nothing). Consequently, all of us (including her 15 friends in attendance) look rather foolish as we quietly stood on the patio with fingers to our lips hushing each other as they drove into the driveway. We couldn't tell that she didn't have a blindfold on so we quietly waited for her to get out of the the blindfold could be removed...for the big heart-stopping moment...which never happened! Imagine our surprise when she opened her own door and got out on her own. We all just stood there trying to figure it out until her friend Janell Hyer finally said, "Umm...I don't think she is blindfolded..." which initiated a very weak (and off beat) chorus of "surprise" from a few of us. Anit-climatic indeed! She still cried so I guess we did all right in the end.
After a great weekend with family we kidnapped my niece Elena for some extended playtime in Utah. She is spending the week with us and we' are having a great time. It's been fun to take her to work with us at the Red Cross and teach her about volunteerism. Last night we went to a Leanne Rimes concert which was really good (despite the fact that I'm not a country music fan), and we've also been busy with our new jewelry making kit. I think that we've made enough beaded bracelets to rival a small Chinese village! I'm happy to report that Mia has been well exercised this week with our many walks, we've spent more money than I think Aaron knows about, and tomorrow we are going to the Highland Games at Thanksgiving Point.
These Highland Games will in no way compare to the "real" Highland Games we went to in Scotland last summer least Elena will get the idea and it will give me a chance to look for a local bagpipe instructor. You see, Aaron made me a promise last year that I am not going to let him forget (especially now that we have our own house so I don't have to worry about disturbing the neighbors). I don't think that he realizes just how much bagpipes actually cost but for now, I'll settle with a practice canter and some piping lessons as promised. Mark my word... someday you will see me in a parade doing something other than baton twirling and I will learn how to play Amazing Grace for my dad.
Elena likes the blog and wants to post her own message so stay tuned for that (which I'm sure will include a gentle reminder that I have our Blog is titled wrong. There are actually four of us in our family now, including our little Colton, and she doesn't want us to forget. Trust me - we don't.

Monday, June 2, 2008


On April Fool's Day a cute little puppy was born into the world. On May 17th...she became ours! Her name is Mia and she is the cutest little thing we have ever seen. Aaron bought her for me in celebration of my recent promotion at work. In a few short weeks she has filled a hole in our hearts and has provided us with a lot of laughter and love.
When Aaron and I went to look at purebred chocolate lab puppies there was a litter of 13 puppies up for consideration. When we arrived at the owner's house, the three females we were interested in were under a car so the owner took a broom to pushed them out. Two quickly scampered out and showed us a lot of attention. One however, (Mia) barely bothered to give us an unimpressed look before she wondered over to a flower pot where she plopped herself down on her belly, making herself quite comfortable with her head and arms hanging outside of the pot. She quickly started snoring which we all thought was "lazy" and "cute".
I however, wasn't interested in "lazy" and "cute". I went in search of a spunky puppy who would love me. After a little while of holding who I thought was "the one"....I felt something funny on my foot. I looked down and there she was...removed from the flower bed and sucking on my big toe. Aaron thought it was funny so he picked her up and...the rest is history!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


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With this post, the thought that I should have a child, kicked off my decision to live in the present; to not wait for another time to do things, but to enjoy the here and now.

Our Journey

After losing our son, Colton J, on April 3, 2008....I have been both inspired and healed by many stories of women who have also experienced infertility as well as the tragic death of a much anticipated baby through early pregnancy loss, stillbirth or in the first few moments to months of life. 

While I am still confused about the technicalities surrounding our experience (it wasn't a miscarriage because he was born at 24 weeks... nor was it a stillbirth because he wasn't born still...but did he actually take a breath?) this was my attempt to share our story in hopes that I can return the gift that has been given to me.

The gift of comfort and understanding;
The gift of continued healing.

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How we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives. This is my journey, after facing the challenges of infertility, infant loss, and more infertility. It is my effort to live in the now and enjoy each moment as a wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister, aunt, and professional woman. Luckily, I get to do it with an amazing man by my side - my Mr. Thompson.

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