Monday, September 29, 2008

Dear Mr. Thompson...

This is my one birthday wish.

P.S. I love you!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Thank Goodness It's Fall! These are the top ten reasons why I love Autumn best...

1. beautiful autumn leaves
2. crisp morning air
3. that's when Aaron asked me to marry him
4. carving pumpkins
5. my infamous Halloween party!
6. bobbing for apples
7. haunted hay rides
8. New England at its best
9. donuts and apple cider
(which I celebrate for the whole month of October...)

Friday, September 26, 2008

P.S. I Love You

Here is yet another reason why I love my sister Lynda...

She sang the most beautiful song at Colton's funeral..."Calling All Angels"...which was written by her new best friend Jessie Clark Funk. The way she found the song was a testimony builder for all of us...and nothing short of a imagine my surprise when I was able to find it for my blog yesterday (didn't know LDS artists were on

Lynnie loves me so much that she went to a recording studio and recorded it. With a few minor word changes...(Jessie wrote it for the daughter she lost in her first trimester)...she found the thing that speaks the most to this mother's heart.

A quiet voice is calling my name
I hear you laughing but the question remains
Are you playing with horses above
Momma's aching to give you her love

Thanks Lynnie.

P.S. I love you...more.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taste The Greatness Of Lynda

Pyzam Bubble Maker Toy

As I'm sitting here devouring one of my most favorite things in life...a Lindt Lindor Chocolate Ball... I am reminded of how much I love my sister Lynda. She brings them to me. Who wouldn't love that? So I call them "Lynda Balls" and it is a running joke between us. If I'm ever come the Lynda Balls! If she's ever down...there go the Lynda Balls! It's a good arrangement that we have with each other.

Another reason why I love her is because she calls and sings to me. She's got a great voice. Who wouldn't love that?! Sometimes she'll just call, sing my song and then hang up. She did that today while I was at work. I smiled for hours. Other times, she'll call...sing...and then we'll talk forever (not while I'm at work). This started when I came home from my mission. She must have really missed me during those 18 months because ten years later...she's still starting every conversation with the classic...

Sisters....Sisters....There were never such devoted sisters...

or her favorite Wynonna song "Come Some Rainy Day"...

What good's a dollar
Without your baby sister?
Two scoops of ice cream
On a summer afternoon...

I love her.

Aaron just came up and asked me if he could have my last Lynda Ball. He obviously doesn't understand but I must love him A LOT because I gave it to him. In my opinion, everyone should experience the greatness of my big sis Lynda!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rainbow Child

Pyzam Bubble Maker Toy

When I was a little girl...I was cute. Look at this picture and deny it! Ask anyone in my family. Ask my kindergarten teacher Mr. Harmon. I was! Why was I so cute, you ask? Because I would say funny things like this...

Mr. Harmon: Class, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Classmates: "school bus driver", "grocery store clerk", "police man", etc.
Little JaLae Wilson: I want to be a RAINBOW!
Mr. Harmon (smiling as our pet baby lamb, which we were hiding from the principal, followed him around the classroom...): JaLae, I hope you always remember that...

He then taught my class about RAINBOWS and how we could all be one when we grew up...just like little JaLae Wilson. It was one of the happiest moments of my childhood and certainly when my devotion to Mr. Harmon was solidified for life. My mom called him a "hippie" and I didn't know what that meant...but I really liked it!

Yesterday, I had a rough day. As my blogger friend Kate says, "taking the statistical bullet isn't funny anymore...". I was driving and feeling a little sorry for myself...when I looked up... and saw the most gorgeous double RAINBOW in the sky. It is funny how they always appear when I need them. Two minutes later..."Somewhere Over the Rainbow" came on the radio and my Mr. Thompson squeezed my hand and smiled.

It reminded me of Mr. Harmon and how he promised me that if I'm a RAINBOW...things will always be okay.

He was right.

Monday, September 15, 2008


In thinking about Colton's due date which came...and went... I feel like the best way for me to honor the memory of our little angel is to not only reach our goals as a family but to reach out and share our experience with others.

This became apparent to me during my introductory interview with my new bishop a few weeks ago. He asked if would be willing to share my experience with him as he has been trying to guide and counsel some of our neighbors who recently experienced a similar loss. He hasn't known how to help and he felt some inspiration in asking me to share my thoughts and feelings.

Share. I've thought about that a lot over the last five months. I thought about it when my nurse Amy stayed four extra hours on that first night leaving me with an undescribable gift. I thought about it when Craig called and helped me navigate my feelings during those beginning days. I thought about it when Holly sent me a book...which also helped one of her dear friends. I thought about it when my little 81 year old volunteer silently slipped me a card telling me that she lost 3 babies in her early years and could empathize with my grief. I thought about it as Becky told me about her friend...and a friend of a friend...and a friend of a friend of a friend. Each experienced pregnancy and infant loss. All shared.

When I was in the hospital, we received a lot of priceless gifts which helped see us through. A beautiful white baby quilt. A delicately knit cap. A gold baby ring. Photos which we will cherish forever from a very sensitive photographer. A blessing and baby gown which was stitched with pure love. A tiny casket my dad picked out. Countless hugs, prayers and tears from friends, family and even strangers. We were blessed because people reached out and shared their love and support.

Now it is my turn. October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month. On October 11th I'm participating in the 7th annual National SHARE Walk for Remembrance and Hope. If you are in Salt Lake City...come and walk with me (1:00pm). It's a great opportunity to show your support as I acknowledge Colton...along with other moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends... who are striving to pay the kindness forward while increasing awareness of pregnancy and infant loss in communities nationwide. Contact me or visit for more details.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pit Bulls, Pigs and Lipstick

I can't resist this any longer! My mother has always called me a natural "pot stirrer" and mix that with the fact that I'm a political with a ditto-head loving Republican...during a most interesting (or in some regards -uninteresting) election year...and you can only imagine the hay-day I am having!

Now...I know that 99% of you reading this are Republican (100% without Craig) but I can't hold my tongue any longer. Recent developments have made it impossible for me not to comment. Besides, my Mr. Thompson has not sufficiently answered my question so I need to pose it to the broader group...

Can anyone tell me what the hell John McCain was thinking???

Don't get me wrong, I was offered a scholarship to University of Idaho...while Sarah Palin was not...which leaves me with a weird sense of empowerment in this whole thing...but come on people! Beauty queen...turned sports reporter...turned vice presidential running mate?

I appreciate that she is a hockey-loving, lipstick-wearing pit bull (or was it lipstick on a pig?) but if the US is slipping in life expectancy we really want the person who lied about winning Miss Congeniality in a beauty contest to be our President? Seems Sarah Palin didn't win Miss Congeniality at all...unless her name is "Amy Gwin". Who would lie about that?! And you should see the photo my brother Bart is passing around the internet of her wearing a really short...really black...leather skirt!

My goodness!

John McCain wants to give her the red phone if he dies, people.

T-t-th-that’s not ch-change we can b-believe in.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Words To Live By

I found a gem yesterday as I was unpacking some lingering boxes from our big move. Looking through some old missionary things I found my dad's mission journal which he gave me prior to my departure to NYC. As I flipped through it I found this great little poem that he wrote down which followed with some of his thoughts and feelings. It inspired him then...and it inspires me today.

It's All Up To You

You are the fellow who has to decide,
Whether you'll do it or toss it aside.
You are the fellow who makes up his mind,
Whether you will lead or linger behind.
Whether you'll try for a goal that's afar,
Or be content to stay where you are.
Take it or leave it, there's something to do,
Just think it over, it's all up to you!

Those are some good words to live by. Thanks Dad - I love you!