Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Have I mentioned how much I love my IPOD Classic that Santa left?

Man, I love that guy!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

2009 is a comin'

I honestly can't wait for New Year's Eve!

We are going to Idaho with Lil' A so she can ring in the new year with another horse ride and visit with her calf "Curly".

We'll ring in the new year with a the Wilson girls which I can't wait for. The highlight of our party is when we sit down that evening with paper, crayons and a paper shredder. This is how it works:

  • Amid a lot of laughter...we each draw pictures of all of the things in the year that we didn't like...that we are going to get rid of. (I've been formulating my list for weeks)
  • After we are all done, we consolidate our pictures and go through them together as a team. Each person has to explain their picture and why they drew it.
  • Together, we shred the papers into a big garbage sack.
  • At 12:00am we run around the yard screaming like wild banshees...hitting our pots and pans...and throwing our confetti high into the are, ringing in a new year and starting a new beginning.

Out with the old...in with the new!

This is a great tradition that the girls remember and look forward to each year. They still remember what we shred last year...so that shows what an impression it makes.

I like to think of it as our New Year's Support Group. Works better than therapy!

And is a lot cheaper too...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Number 1...

(Confession: Conveniently this is my #1 every year.)

The Christ Child

This is the Reason for the Season.

He is the source of all of my gratitude and why I am journaling it on my blog this month.

He is the reason why I always campaigned to be Mary in The Nativity each year when I was a little girl.

He is the reason why I now love to direct my own favorite tradition of The Nativity each year on Christmas Eve. I don't know if my flock of sheep always get it... or if my donkey "Tigger" always gets it...but each year I know that Mary will. I know that because I always select her from an eager group of little Wilson Clan girls who are all campaigning for the role. Sometimes we do the play more than once...each time with a different Mary.

He is one of the reasons why I was so excited when I originally looked at the calendar and did the math with Colton. I thought that this year we could finally stop using a doll for Baby Jesus. In the end, I guess this fits even better.

He is the reason why I tear up listening to Breath of Heaven...and looking at the plastic camels pointed northward on the City Hall snow covered lawn.

He is the reason why I am thankful for everything that I have each year...why I document these Reasons for the Season as part of an annual tradition... and why I love Christmas so very much.

Christ is Christmas.

Hopefully as you gather around friends and family this year... enjoying your own nativity play... you too remember the real joy of this time of year.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Number 2...

I love this guy. More than a little. More than a lot!

He's my Mr. Thompson.

3 years+ ago, I knew that he was God's greastest gift to me. That is something which has only strengthened with time. Lucky me.

Mr. Thompson and I play a little game when I travel out of town. I hide "reasons why I love you..." notes everywhere. I keep hiding them and he keeps finding them.

I opened his drawer the other day and found where he's been saving them. Here are a few of them (randomly)...

Reason #6 - You make me feel safe. I love you!

Reason #18 - You open doors for me. I like that a lot...

Reason #9 - I laugh so much when I am with you.

Reason # 27 - Your dimples are cute...but sets. Remember, I love you!

Reason # 3- You are a great dad. Abbi laughs with you and I love your giggles. Both of them.

Reason # 43 - You can read me mind. How do you do that?! (What am I thinking now? Yep you got it - I love you!)

Reason #4 - You hold me when I cry even when I am a messy crier.

Reason #38 - I know that you won't ask my dad for a "refund". Because you honestly don't want one...

I'm on Reason #64 and my list keeps growing.

Lucky me, indeed!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Number 3...

Number 3...

"The surest way to have heaven in your home...is to have someone from your home in heaven."

I'll leave it at that.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Number 7...6...5...4...

Number 7...
Meet Noelle (aka: Sister Platt; ...or just Platt; Waldo). I remember the first time that I "officially" met this dear friend. It was Dyker Heights... in Brooklyn, New York... and for some reason I went to the Sister's pad (NYC lingo for apartment)... for a sleepover. For the sake of this story and public knowledge...let's say that we were having a street sweep (NYNYS lingo for approaching strangers in the streets) the next day. I don't know, maybe that really was the reason.

Anyway, I was there playing a game with Hermana's Razy and Verue...and I vividly remember a game with the three of us slapping cards on our foreheads... and Platt sitting in the bed/chair (some questionable contraption they got from the street garbage) next to us laughing. I immediately liked this girl! I don't know why but I had this misconception about Platt being serious. Not that night. She was F.U.N.! From the point forward... I secretly hoped that I would get to live with her (serving as comps was out of the question unless I flunked out of the Spanish program).

Fast forward a few months....I got called to be a Sister Trainer over the Spanish Hermanas (President Croft's idea of a joke)...and moved to Jamaica, Queens to live with the English Sister Trainer...who was Platt! From that point forward, she was one of my dearest friends. Man, we had some great times.

10 years later...we're still having great times. I love this lady! She has been the truest of friends and continues to inspire me every day.

Consequently, my BIG SCOTTISH family loves her too. My Grandma asks about her every time I see her and my dad lovingly calls her Waldo.

Luckily, I call her friend.

Number 6...
Krazy Razy

Meet Karen (aka: Hermana Razy; ...or just Razy; or just Krazy; ....or just Krazy Razy). I love this picture of my dear mission and life buddy Razy. It just proves what I knew all along...that she was going to make a great mother some day. She's proved me right!

I met "officially" met Razy when I got transferred to Corona, Queens in Rego Park. We lived together in an apartment which was no more than 400 square feet...with 6 other sister missionaries. It was the most fun that I'd ever had because Holo and Verue were two of those other sisters. The four of us had a blast...and somehow still got a lot of missionary work done.

saved me from killing Hermana Nielson. Then the next month she saved me again when I was assigned to the training role of a "greenie" (NYNYS lingo for new missionary). This wasn't just any "greenie" either. President Croft put it this way when I begged him a month later for a transfer (this was right after she ditched me at the Laundromat and ran away for the day). He said, (and I quote) "Hermana Wilson I can't transfer you because frankly there is no one else that I can put Hermana "X " with (for the sake of this story we will keep it anonymous) because frankly....nobody else can handle her. Can you imagine her with Hermana "Y" (my previous companion)...or Hermana "Z" (another anonymous sister)? She would eat them alive! No, you're it. I like to think of Hermana "X" as an untamed filly (young horse). If anyone can break her...it will be you!"

was my saving grace during those months because I swear that I was a thread away from murder. She was also training a "greenie" so she was out of the running for taming my "filly" companion ... but you know how they say that God doesn't close a door without opening a window?

Razy was my window.

I love this lady!

Number 5...
Katie Jo

Meet Katie Jo (aka: Kate; Katie; Katie Jo and her Cat). She's my old Red Cross pal. We are bonded through Crazy Like A Rox. During my first year with the Red Cross I met Katie when our Director, Crazy Like A Rox, hired this wonder child to take care of all our problems... all of Holly and my problems to be more exact. It was true. She did. All except one....

You see, Crazy Like A Rox was our #1. Even though she was a "Wonder Child"...she couldn't solve that one! But that's okay because we now have a lifetime of things to laugh about. All of which are associated with our boss Roxana.

I love this picture of her because it really shows her personality. Aggie sweatshirt of course (she works at USU)... a peace sign (she believes in world peace)...and a big tree (because she is an environmentalist). Just kidding. Katie is a card holding NRA member. About 7 years into our friendship I discovered that she owned a big gun and shot elk.

That's just one of the few things I love about her!

She's always surprising me...

Number 4...
Meet Holly (aka: The Princess). She would get me into trouble at the Red Cross. I'm still suprised that Crazy Like A Rox didn't fire us...but she couldn't... because we ran that joint and kept her honest (or at least tried).

What I love most about Holly is that she pitched the biggest fit in Washington DC when we went on a "work trip" and played homeless... after our boss couldn't mooch people for free food, shelter and cab fare. Holly called her dad and I think they threatened a lawsuit. I don't care what they did...it landed me in a hotel and that was enough to solidify my devotion for life.

Now she can't get rid of me. I'm like her dog.

Fast forward a few years and she ironically moves to Nampa...becomes a ward missionary...in my beloved Clay-Baby's ward...and activates his family....helping to a) marrying my brother to his non-legal wife of 15 years (Trust me- I tried EVERYTHING!)...b) baptizes said wife (when she really was his wife. Trust me - I tried EVERYTHING!)...c) baptizes my favorite niece Lenard... d) and Anna Banana my other favorite niece... e) helps get them to the temple so their family could be sealed together...forever.

I'll never be able to repay her for that. Now she really can't get rid of me. I really am her dog.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Number 10...9...8

Sorry - I had to call another "time-out" due to Mr. Thompson's pneumonia and trip to the Emergency Room. The darn boy has coughed so bad.... that he has broken ribs and separated cartilage/muscles from his chest wall. Silly Mr. Thompson! Poor chap is in a lot of pain...

But my "Reasons for the Season" gratitude countdown must continue...

Number 10...

Vive the New York New York South mission! They were the best of times...and the worst of times (worst meaning hardest). I remember when I made the decision to serve a mission everyone (except a handful of people including my parents) claimed that I couldn't/shouldn't serve a mission because... I wasn't "the missionary type".

12 years later, I'm still trying to figure out what that statement meant. If they were saying that I wasn't a "Molly" then I'll graciously say thank you because that is what allowed me to more effectively walk the streets of NYC and understand the people that I served. With the exception of that drunk Puerto Rican who kept Hermana Mann and I hostage in his apartment for 6 hours...and Dinora's (investigator) husband who beat her in our presence...and Doralyce's (convert) husband who gave her and her son (she was pregnant) AIDS through his unfaithfulness...I truly loved all of the people I met.

One guy called me "La Rockera" (the rocker) and another told me in the street one day "that ol' Joe Smith would be rolling in his grave if he saw you. You are much too sexy to be a Mormon missionary". Bless that man!

I learned my biggest life lessons, strengthened a testimony of my religion, and met my truest friends.


Number 9...

Eight is Enough!

Confession: Growing up I hated being from a big family. I had a secret wish that it would have just been Bart and I instead of all the others. Oh the stupidity of youth...

I love my BIG FAT SCOTTISH family! I love that there are eight of us...that these eight have a bazillion little children (okay - slight exaggeration as there are only 25) ...and that these eight are so flippin' different.

Number 8...


The church is true. Families can be together forever. Amen

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Number 11...

Mia & Me

Hollywood got that Marley & Me thing all wrong. It's really Mia & Me.

The Story

Broken-hearted and unsure of her preparedness in raising children, Mrs. Thompson confesses her fears to her husband who comes up with the perfect solution. The Thompsons should get a puppy. "There's nothing to it," says Mrs. Thompson. "You walk 'em. You feed 'em, you let them out now and then."

Then came Mia.

The Thompsons find a tiny cute 10 pound Chocolate Labrador on KSL, who in no time at all, grows into a 75-pound (not yet fully grown!) steamroller of unbridled energy that turns the Thompson's new home upside down. She pees on the carpet, chews up the sprinkler system, consumes flowers, demolishes the vegetable garden, barfs on the bed, and steals a steak out of Mr. Thompson's hand at the dinner table. Even a newly trimmed Christmas tree isn't safe from Mia's voracious antics.

Amidst the mayhem she generates through her first seven months, Mia sees the Thompsons through the ups and downs of family life. As the Thompsons come to realize, Mia - the world's worst dog - somehow brings out the best of them.

This Christmas, heel the love.

Number 14...13...12...

Wow - I'm behind! Don't worry, this usually happens in my journal too...

Number 14...

If You're Last Name Is Wilson...

Meet my brother Clay-Baby...his wife Brown Sugar...and their children Lenard, Banana, Baby-Bear, and Boo.

I love them.

When I am in Nampa with family there is always a bazillion children running around. If I'm babysitting (such a funny word) and need action from these four little ladies (who I am generally responsible for even when their parents are present!) all I have to holler is, "If your last name is Wilson..."

If your last name is Wilson...please find your shoes.

If your last name is Wilson...come down from the top of that tree!

If your last name is Wilson...find your way to my car.

If your last name is Wilson...remember I love you!

Works every time. Having only one brother with children close is so easy...

And they're cute too!

Number 13...

Good Books

Have any suggestions?

Number 12...

Christmas Cheer

I love this time of year!

Last night I braved icy roads and when to the craft store (4 of them to be exact) in search for a $3 item that would make my "looks like Christmas threw up" house complete (direct quote from Mr. Thompson). Only in America would we spend $20 in gas looking for a $3 item...

Anyway, I didn't find what I was looking for, but I sure did have a great time! Now, I've officially finished decorating my house (it's been a 3 week project) and am sitting here...sipping yummy wassail....next to my Christmas tree...with a big fat smile on my face.

I love Christmas.

And yes, I do believe.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Number 18...17...16...15...

Number 18...

My Job

Ha! Funny that I just drew that one after returning from an out of town trip. Actually I love my job. It challenges me...and I love a good challenge! I work with outstanding people, have the best staff, get to carpool to work with my hubbie and truly enjoy doing what I do. Being a recipient gives me an added perspective so this year I am not only grateful for a great job...but one that truly makes a difference. This holiday season, donate blood!

Number 17...

My Parents

Cliff and Peg. I love them. Them's good people!

Number 16...

My House

You should see my house right now. Aaron says that it "looks like Christmas threw up". I like to think that it looks lovely....

I'd snap a photo but my camera broke. (hint hint Santa Claus).

Number 15...


Viva La Alta! I can't wait for this year's wipe outs...

(Please notice my ski buddy...Cody...laughing in the background. Typical!)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Time Out

I'd like to call a "time out". I'm traveling in Portland this week...and my laptop crashed (again). Numbers 18, 17 and 16...will be coming at you shortly.

Stay tuned...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Number 19...


How funny that I drew this one today...when I'm feeling under the weather. I've had this croupy cold for the last week and today it kept me in bed. I'm traveling for business this week and wondering how on earth I'm going to make a 5 hour drive to St. George in the morning...and then board a flight to Portland tomorrow night.


Cold is my new best friend. I highly recommend it.

It helps keep me humble. Besides my annual flu/cold which I get every year despite a flu shot...I have little to complain about. That was most apparent in the first three months of the year as I went (sometimes daily) to the Huntsman Cancer Center for my IV treatments. Watching all of those people...young and old...shuffle in for their cancer treatments gave me such a gratitude for my good health. What's a little cold compared to that?


For that, I'm grateful.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Number 20...

My Sister "Lynny-Ka-Lu Lu"

I love my sister. Although all of my siblings are pretty cool...I owe something special to this little angel because I was brutally cruel to her growing up. Why?

We shared a room.

For that, I roller skated over her arm fracturing it...and then pushed her down the stairs for the final break.

She wouldn't let me sign her cast.

So I told her that I had x-ray vision and could see through her clothes (not a nice thing to do to a chubby girl).

That always made her cry.

Since I was such a rotten younger sister...I've spent the better part of adulthood trying to make it up to her.

I love you Lynny-Ka-Lu Lu. Forgive me?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Number 21...

My Chi

I really don't mind if you hum Carly Simon's "You're So Vain" while you read this...

Two quote my dear friend Katie Jo (and her cat)...there have been three things which have totally changed my life. 1. The Gospel... 2. the IPOD... 3. The Chi.

She told me that over a year ago so I decided to steal Mr. Thompson's IPOD (erasing all his ITUNES and replacing them with my own - he wasn't happy!)...and ask Santa for the CHI. Santa decided to go to Nordstom's Rack because Katie Jo said that they had this very expensive flat iron on sale for 1/2 price. Santa got it...and when I opened it...1) it didn't work...2) it was dirty with hair that wasn't mine. I promptly took it back to Nordstom's where they apologetically told me that they mistakenly sold Santa a return. Unfortunately, they didn't have anymore CHIs in stock.

I cried.

So Santa felt bad and bought me the non-sale version. I didn't think he would ever do it but he shelled out $150 for the CHI...and boy was it was worth it!

Shallow as it may sound, The Chi has changed my life.

For that, I am grateful.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Number 22...


One of the things which made Aaron laugh really hard lately is when he caught me on the computer looking at my parent's pasture via Google Earth....looking to see if my 100 year old horse Butch was still alive. Happily, he is!

The story started something like this:

Growing up I was often shipped to my grandparents ranch...the Diamond A...a lot (that's what happens when you misbehave for babysitters!). There, I roamed like a wild banshee. My cousin Buster (yes that's really his name) and I usually got in a lot of trouble. There was a lot of land to do that on...since the ranch straddled the Idaho/Nevada boarder 25 miles in one direction...and 40 in the other.

Anyway....my grandpa had a good friend named Johnny and Johnny had a beautiful young horse name Butch. He looked like Black Beauty and ran the mountains like the Black Stallion. One year when I was about 10 I think...Johnny and my grandpa went hunting in the mountains on the ranch...and Johnny had a heart attack which killed him. His wife, gave Butch to my grandpa. My grandpa loved Butch a lot, probably because he loved his friend Johnny.

That's where I enter the picture. I went...I saw...I fell in love. Gone were the days of roaming the ranch as I didn't go beyond the meadow or corral (depending on where Butch was) on my visits. Horse on the brain.

Then I turned into a rotten teenager. When I was 14...my uncle showed up at my parent's house with a horse trailer. In it...was my Butch.

That was 20 years ago and I love him just as much as a 100 year old horse...as I did when I was 10. He's not as quick as the Black Stallion anymore...and his black coat is no longer as vibrant as Black Beauty's...but I love him just the same.

My siblings will tell you that I'm spoiled...but that's not what happened. I just fell in love with a horse named Butch.

Luckily, my grandpa noticed.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Number 23...

Being a "Stepmom"

"Stepmoms" kind of get a bad wrap. I know...because I am one. I'm actually grateful for it because I love watching Mr. Thompson as a dad. He's a great one! Actually I don't have it bad because Mr. Thompson's Lil' A doesn't refer to me as her "stepmom"....she actually just calls me..."J.J."...just like 23 of her new cousins.

I love it.

I love her.

Because Aaron loves her...and that makes it easy!

Last week we took her to Idaho for her first Thanksgiving with my family and you would have thought that she was going to the moon. She was so excited...feeding baby calves...riding horses...playing with 5 little girl cousins her same age...calling my parents "grandma" and "grandpa" (her choice)...and laughing when "grandpa" called her "Fred" (he has pet names for everyone!).

Yes, being a "step" anything is pretty cool...especially if it means being a...."J.J.".

Abbi feeding "Curly"...a one week old baby calf.

Abbi riding "Soupey"...for the much anticipated horse ride (which she's been talking about constantly for 6 good months!). I have never heard her laugh and giggle like she did when my niece Kindee took her galloping off. Pure bliss for this 7 year old!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Number 24...

When I was a child money was hard to come by. Luckily, I had parents who taught their children the value of hard work so from the time I was eight years old...I began working very hard to earn money. It started with 4-H and I vividly remember that when that check would come at the end of each summer...I thought that I had all the money in the world. I counted, admired, and polished each coin carefully. When Sunday came, I would reluctantly put my 10 percent into the tithing slip to pay my tithing. As hard as it was to surrender my precious dollars to the bishop, I still remember now how good I felt after it was done for being obedient to the Lord and to the parents who taught me.
When Mr. Thompson and I were married in Hawaii, our kindred spirit "Bishop K" married us and told us that if we would faithfully pay an honest tithing, the Lord would bless our marriage and it would be the best investment that we could ever make.
It's true.

Number 25...

My little sister Becca Boo.

If you know my little sister you know that she is spunky...funny....outspoken...strong...a wonderful mother...and one of the most giving people that I know. As with most sisters, we haven't always seen eye to eye (she's taller) but she's always been someone that I've been incredibly proud of.

During our lowest point this year she was the first person that Aaron called in the middle of the night and there was a reason for that. In our fog, Aaron called her because he knew that she would be there in a flash and would help us make some of the most important decisions of our life. In my weakest moments it has been her strength and testimony which I've been able to lean on...countless times...and for that I'm eternally grateful.

She is honest...she is good...she is my little sister...and I love her!

Thanks Becca.

The Reasons for the Season

If you know my mother...you know that she loves the holiday season! I'm a pretty big fan myself which I guess I get it from her. Like mom....I relish every moment of hanging garland, stringing lights, traipsing through the woods in search of the perfect tree and all of the other simple pleasures that go along with this magical time of year.

One of the things that helps my December be so great, is a little tradition I have with myself. Each day in the month of December I write in my gratitude journal about 25 gifts from God for which I am most grateful...building up to a gift that I will give to Him on Christmas Day which is my focus for the next year (my New Years Resolution of sorts). I put a lot of thought into it...wrapping that gift in a box and opening it up on the next Christmas (with hopes that I've been at least a little successful).

This was always something that my mother would do with us on Christmas Eve and building on that lovely tradition with my gratitude journal is one of the highlights of my year. It helps me be mindful and grateful for all that I have been given and really helps me keep the spirit and stay focused on what is important to me during the holiday season.

Since I am blogging this year...I've decided to post my entries here (in no particular order because I draw one out of a box each day for reflection).

Happy Holidays!