Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To Be Or Not To Be

Just so you know....

I could look like this if I really wanted to.

Especially if I was going to pitch cupcakes like my body double is so effectively doing in this photo.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

What's Your Poison?

I have a weakness.

It's called....(don't laugh)...


I can sit for hours and be totally enthralled. It's been this way since I was a child. The problem? I feel the urge to buy things.

Lots of things.

From coffee grinders to car buffers. Pony-tail contraptions to exercise machines.

I think it's genetic. My favorite kitchen gadget is the Mouli cheese grater which my grandfather bought the entire family in 1980. My mother lovingly bequeathed it to me after she got tired of my begging and I use it about once a week twenty years later. Love it!

My latest craze? Micheal Thurmond's "6 Week Body Makeover". I don't know who Micheal Thurmond is... but I watched his whole darn infomercial at 4:30am like I was a crack addict. In the end, I couldn't resist the urge to be one of the first 25 callers to receive the bonus gift. Six easy payments of $19.99" (plus $19.95 shipping)? No matter! I was convined the I couldn't live without it.

(Why do things always seem cheaper when they are in six easy payments?)

I was one digit away on the phone before I realized that Mr. Thompson took my credit card away.

Something to do with Jillian Micheals "free seven day trial" which wasn't $52.00 to be exact.

I think I need to find a support group. This might not me normal.

But it doesn't change my mind about the Mouli. Best invention. Ever.

And it only cost $9.99...

In six easy payments.

A Lifetime

"Sometimes love lasts a moment.
Sometimes love lasts a lifetime.
Sometimes a moment is a lifetime."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Take A Stand

See this....

This is my soap box.

I stand on it regularly.

And look exactly like this.

With a bullhorn.

Today is no different. I have something to say. Bear with me.

For all you "family" which isn't really family... I'm a very patient and forgiving person by nature but you're really stretching me. We've never met (your choice - not ours) but you should know that I'm a huge believer in love, loyalty and all things good. I stand tall and proud on my "box" against hypocrisy and I turn into a man-eating cougar if you try to harm anyone I love - most especially my Mr. I'm not a big fan of "working in darkness" which includes blog since you've made your very hurtful choices please refrain.

So there you have it. This week's soap box dedicated to "family" which isn't really family. Good thing we have the great (thank you Uncle Tom and my side) to counter the not-so-good. Maybe next week I'll stand up about jealous ex-wives who send detailed instructions with their child like I'm an idiot....

Or people who should do the right thing - but don't...

Anyone want to take a stand and get on my soap box? Here's my bullhorn - you can borrow it. Shout it loud and shout it proud!

What's your issue? (hey - it's cheaper than therapy)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart

I love being in love with this man.

The extended spAAAHHHH weekend was awesome. He took me to a "little" Swiss village called the Zermatt Resort and it has muy bein. He booked a beautiful master suite and relaxation doesn't even begin to describe it. We swam in a heated outdoor pool under the stars, hung out in the hot tub, got massaged, curled up in front of our fireplace, ordered room service, watched the Olympics from the jetted tub, and most of all just RELAXED.

I love that he always surprises me and makes such an effort to do things like this for us.

For this, our "leather" anniversary...

He got a scabbard for his "Henry Golden Boy" (which he LOVED).

And a journal which includes our love letters and some of our very best memories. Now it's his turn to finish our story (which I LOVED).

Here's to eternity Sweetheart. We've only just begun.

I love you.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Keeping Up With The Thompson

Confession: I peaked

I know that Mr. Thompson is going to surprise me for an extended weekend get-away. He also put my card on our nightstand and said, "That's your anniversary gift. Don't open it until I tell you".

Silly man.

Of course I'm going to open it.

So I started to get out my steamer...and then guilt got the best of me. So I just "felt it" instead.

There is something hard inside. Like a gift certificate. Then there was that google search on a certain resort's relaxation packages....and a mysterious entry in the checkbook which was for the same exact amount.....


I can't wait.

He knows me so well and always does everything exactly right when it comes to gifting and taking care of me.

Me? Not so much. I stink at gifting. Not that I don't like to do it - I LOVE to give. The stressful part is in trying to figure out the perfect gift. I really suck at that. Not creative enough which stinks for him (and causes me to act like Sherlock Holmes...)

So what knock-out gift do you buy a man for the leather anniversary?

I've been stumped on this for weeks (okay - days really). Now I have the pressure of Keeping Up With The Thompson who is taking me to a spAAAAHHHH where they will work at making my skin feel like leather.

My sister recommended buttless/crotchless chaps for him to wear in the kitchen while he cooks for me, but that won't do.

Or will it?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lucky Charms

I'm one lucky girl.

Trust me, I know.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Death By HOV

Mr. Thompson asked me again this morning if he could start "packing heat" for the morning commute.

It seems he wants to start shooting at other cars.

More specifically, other cars in the HOV lane. Who shouldn't be there.

My opinion: while something needs to happen with the "shouldn't bes"....I don't necessarily believe that "heat" offers a sound solution.

After all, I'm "almost" anti-NRA.

"Almost" because I too have issues with the people who are messing up my lovely morning commute. To the point that I might become the Bonnie to my Clyde.

I take great pleasure out of my HOV lane. It is the #1 benefit of working with my husband. While miles and miles of solo commuters are stuck in traffic - I get to glide peacefully along surpassing them all in the carpool lane. Travel time is split in half and I usually get to experience it while extending my beauty sleep.

Until someone does something stupid.

Which happens each and every morning. With that I wake up to a working Toyota break pedal and shouts involving a gun.

He means it - trust me, he means it.

However, this morning we had a happy little variation. I woke up to the usual whiplash and fist shaking... after a jerk who was at a dead stop in the fast-lane jerked across the "no-no" double white two cars in front of us. "Give me the gun" quickly turned to death by delight as the Highway Patrolman in front of us (first car to get cut off) lit it up.

Death by delight quickly turned to outright glee when my Clyde saw that it was a single driver in that offending car.

So other I-15 "shouldn't bes", beware! If the Highway Patrol doesn't get you - Mr. Thompson might.
I don't know how long I can keep him refrained from shooting your tires out.

I'm running out of excuses for the stupidity. Not to mention that my dad is Scottish so my first name really is Bonnie...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Buddy And Me

This is my buddy. We've been hanging out for two days while his mom is at a a conference and grandma is in town. He's four - my favorite age.

It's my favorite age because our conversations go something like this:

Me: Dalyn, what happened to your hand? Did your little puppy scratch you?
Dalyn: mom pushed me in a rose bush.
Me: What?! You're mom pushed you into a rose bush? That was naughty. Why did she do that? (knowing full well that his puppy scratched him...)
Dalyn: Because she wanted to.
Me: Well that wasn't very nice.
Dalyn: I know. I better stay here.

(a little while later in the car when he smelt a skunk...)

Dalyn: smells like a dead farting skunk!

(at bedtime)

Me: Bud - do you want to call your mom and dad to tell them goodnight?
Dalyn: We don't need to call my dad. My mom's asleep and my dad's at the doctor.

And then we went upstairs to read a bedtime story. We read the same rainbow story 4 times in a row which eventually put me to sleep. Next thing I knew, Mr. Thompson was waking me up with a laugh because Dalyn was downstairs playing after announcing that he finally got me to sleep.

Gotta love a four year old!

(Who just saw this post picture and said, "I'm real cute, huh?" Yes. He. Is.)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Work Out Wednesday

Yay for me. I've lost five pounds since last week. HALLELUJAH! I have a love-hate relationship with my treadmill but these are definitely the moments when I feel the love.

A lot.

In other diet news, a "friend" on Facebook recommended that I try HCG pills, the latest fad "diet". Even went so far as to tell me that I can buy the medicine from Mexico on the Internet. thanks. I occasionally take HCG shots from the trusty pharmacy down the street as a fertility treatment and it turns me into the devil. Seriously. Satan. Mr. Thompson thinks that this is somewhat defeating of the whole "fertility" purpose because who wants to make a baby with the devil?

Certainly not him.

So, why-oh-why would normally sane women elect to use this as a long term "diet" solution? It boggles my mind.

Don't. Do. It.

Also in the news, I had my bagpipe lesson today and find it somewhat funny that I didn't practice more than 5 minutes this entire week....yet got more praise out of Robert de Brus then I've ever gotten when I practice an hour each day.

Go figure!

Hey, maybe I'm "gifted"! I bet Picasso and Mozart said the same thing.

Of course, I think they both had mental illness so I better be careful.

Then again - maybe Mexican HCG can cure that too!

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Twist On Memorial Monday

Today we are going to take a different approach to Memorial Monday. In a way, I think it's kind of fitting.

You see, this morning....I gave my husband's dog away.

I know exactly what you are thinking. The darling looks all cute and innocent in pictures....but trust me - she isn't! She is M.I.S.C.H.I.E.F. in capital letters. Don't get me wrong, I like mischief...but we both know that as two working professionals we don't have enough space or time to give this one everything she needs and deserves.

I caught him in a week moment last night after she ate the electronic sprinkler box. In fury he told me to post her on KSL.

So like a good wife, I did.

Who would have thought that with 3279 dogs listed....the phone would immediately start ringing off the hook. I felt more than a little guilty for taking advantage of his "weak" moment so I let all the calls go to voicemail.

This morning, it started again at 8:00am. As coincidence would have it, the first call that I had the nerve to answer.....ended up being from a really really REALLY nice older man from Park City.

He and his wife have had chocolate labs for 25 years. They know exactly what they are getting into with Meka's energy. Their last dog passed away in September after 14 good years and they finally decided to start looking again. Their son saw my posting last night on KSL and called them at 11pm with instructions that they MUST call me A.S.A.P.

They did.

With the idea that I was going to screen people and search as long as it took to find the "right" family I invited them over for an "interview". From the second they got out of the car Meka was in love and we immediately knew that this was the right family for her. They are retired and have more than a lot of love to offer her. They have enough room for her to wander, and more than enough time and attention for her endless energy. Truth be told, the darling just improved her quality of life tenfold.

So off she went - this little mischievous dog that we love - free to a good home.

Mr. Thompson has been in tears ever since.

(Secretly, I think that he's worried that they are going to call next week with a lawsuit because she tore up their really expensive house....)

Now I'm feeling like a horrible wife. Who would take advantage of her husband's weak moment and pounce faster than he can get his wits about him?

JaLae Wilson, that's who.

Moral of the story: two dogs are NOT easier than one. Even Mr. Thompson won't argue with that one.