Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My BFF, The Nurse

I have a new best friend. Her name is Kim and she is Dr. H's resilient Nurse Practitioner.

She is my new best friend for multiple reasons.

#1 - She not only answered her phone...but she called in a prescription to a California pharmacy for me on Thanksgiving Day. First, she had to track down a pharmacy which was open on a holiday- no easy feat. She did it because (and I quote) "when your job depends on woman's ovaries...you do what it takes holiday or no holiday. Then... you make other people do it - holiday or no holiday".

#2 - She spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone today fighting with my prescription benefits office after finding out that I've been paying full price on some very expensive medicine. When I say very expensive...I mean VERY expensive. 3 shots = $1000. Thanks to Kim....3 shots now = $40. In her own words (and I quote) "there is always a work around!". By George - this woman has found it.

#3 - She was willing to risk her neck to get me medication that had to be taken today because the VERY expensive medicine has to be ordered and won't be here until tomorrow (nobody keeps it in stock). Did I mention that it had to be taken today? Yeah - a problem. Did I also mention that "there is always a work around"? For Kim - no problem. So....while she she spent another hour desperately working her "work around"...God intervened by sending a Good Infertility Samaritan to save our day. Ironically, during my 1/2 hour turned 3 hour appointment...another patient dropped off her extra medicine which was exactly enough to get me by until mine arrives. Turns out our Samaritan has an IVF success and didn't want to waste the VERY expensive medication she paid full price on. Coincidence?

Yeah - I didn't think so either.

Neither did Kim, who after going out on the furthest limbs for me for an entire afternoon...made me promise to name my baby after her.

But instead of Kim...I think we're going to have to settle on "Kimber".

In Mr. Thompson's words, "its a gun thing".

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Good Life


This is the life for me.

When it came down to how were were going to spend Thanksgiving this year Mr. Thompson and I had two choices: do what we've done every year and enjoy the big family feast.... or.... join a lonely little Marine at Camp Pendleton.

Camp Pendleton, I should add, is located by a very sunny beach which has 70 degree temperatures.

Salt Lake City, I should add, was in single degree temperatures with what was proclaimed to be the worst blizzard since 2002.

With that, the decision was a no brainer: San Diego or bust.

And bust we did. After 12 hours of driving...Thanksgiving morning started off with breakfast on the beach as I watched the Carlsbad "Turkey Trot". Beach running never looked so good, especially when that group of gay guys ran by with the one in front dressed up as a Speedo-wearing turkey...with his buddies chasing him wearing loincloths, war paint and Indian headdresses. Simply hilarious - I haven't busted up that hard in years.

The "busts" (pun intended) supposedly only got better from there. When we went to pick Little Brother up from Camp Pendleton....we were told that Little Brother was one of the 50 Marines selected from the 37,000 to have Thanksgiving with Junior Seau (football player) and the San Diego Charger Cheerleaders. They wore their cheerleading outfits - joke was on us. Little Brother acted disappointed but I think that he was a big fat liar. (Mr. Thompson too but for a different reason - he was jealous.)

Moral of the story: don't feel bad for the "lonely" little Marines!

You shouldn't exactly feel sorry for the Thompsons either because we had the best Thanksgiving ever! Minus our Marine and his cheerleaders, we "busted" out of our pants after a buffet dinner at the Ocean House complete with prime rib, lobster, crab legs, turkey....followed by post dinner naps on the beach.

Little Brother finally came around... and I woke up 4 days later with sand in my hair and a smile on my face.

So here's to hoping that he's stationed by a beach for every major holiday. I've decided that beach life is definitely the life for me!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


grat·i·tude (grat'i tood)
The state of being grateful; thankfulness.

There you have it folks. In simple terms. If you want to put it in even better terms...I recommend that you do what all good mothers did in the 1980's (including my own).

You purchase the values based book/song Standin' Tall series by Janeen Brady.

My mom bought these books & tapes when I was around 8 years old and they entertained me all the way through childhood. It must have worked because to this day, whenever I hear the word "gratitude"... I ALWAYS finish it with "snatitude!"and think of the ungrateful Mr. Badger and how he eventually learned to say "th-th-th-th-THank you!". I was an awesome Mr. Badger (side 2 lets you be the actor). Truth be told, it's the part (along with the princess in Happiness and the genie in Work) which eventually earned me Thespian of the Year, 1993.

You heard me right. Thespian of the Year, 1993.

Does that surprise you?! Yeah, me too. It however, does not surprise Mr. Thompson who has resorted to saying, "lose the Nampa High attitude!" every time I make him mad. Then he tells me that I'm not Thespian of the Year anymore.

Reality check.

But this Thanksgiving he's still at the top of my "things I'm most grateful for" list. All because my very smart momma taught me to Stand Tall!

Happy Holidays everyone and "th-th-th-th-THank you!"

Monday, November 22, 2010

Blame Canada

Dear Mr. Canadian Arctic Blast,

You might really be messing up my Thanksgiving beach plans. As if Saturday/Sunday's first winter storm wasn't enough....they say that Wednesday's storm is going to be worse. Seven year blizzard worse. (which means something ugly in Salt Lake City, Utah)

I remember seven years ago. My boyfriend was visiting from the East Coast for the holidays and things turned ugly as our near engagement turned into a break up. Worst part was that he couldn't get a flight out for days due to the storm.

That was the year that I bought a South Park T-shirt which said, "Blame Canada".

Please don't make me break it out. This is the only time you'll hear me say..."I'd rather wear a swimming suit!"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Sky Is Falling - The Sky Is Falling!

Chicken Little wasn't too far off.

At 6:00am the sky was still falling!

Too bad I didn't listen and do a little more "winterizing".

And just for the record - the child did have a fever when I left for church. I think her dad placed a hot washcloth on her forehead before I went to take her temperature. By the time I returned from church, she of course had "cooled off" in her new snow cave.

Good thing I love the first snow too much to care. After all, childhood only comes once.

Viva la vida!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Martha - Martha - Martha!

I woke up this morning (at 5:30am) and watched Martha Stewart's Traditional Thanksgiving on the Food Network.

I'm telling ya'....inside of me, there is a champion cook waiting to happen. And waiting...and waiting...and waiting. I was so motivated that today I want to cook a turkey in white wine. Pumpkin souffle too.

Mr. Thompson thinks that I better just master the stir fry that I tried to kill him with last Monday night.

Alas, there are many things I do well but cooking isn't one of them.

But for the record - I can set an amazing Thanksgiving table. By 10am this morning I had some hallelujah table decorating moments which will serve me well. If we don't wind up celebrating our day of bounty at a Chinese restaurant this year....my table will look awesome. Trust me!

And if I do end up cooking...the stir fry will be edible, I promise. After all, practice makes perfect!

Right, Martha?!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It Isn't Over, Until It's Over

Today's post is brought to you by one of the Greats:

"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run."
- Babe Ruth

And that my dear friends, is exactly how I feel about fertility treatments. We've had a few strikes but this game isn't over until it's over.

If The Great Bambino could hit three home runs in the game before he retired when he was pushing 40 years old, weighed more than 200 pounds and had a batting average of .181 (not good in baseball terms)...so can I!

Hey batter-batter....SWWWWING!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I've been doing a little thinking.

I did an interview recently with an job applicant who said something that struck me. When asked why he wanted to leave his current position, he stated "right now I'm an optimistic person in a pond of negative scum".

I've been thinking about that statement a lot this last week and I've tried to make some changes.

I, too, am an optimist and in some regards, I've been in the same pond. It is one that I would like to get out of. Rather quickly. After all, who likes pond scum?!

Not me.

Negativity is so...negative. It's draining. It's stressful. It's unnecessary drama. It's unhappiness. It ruins good relationships. It changes people. It makes you feel awful...and all the people who are around you too. In short, negativity brings people down.

How much better would it be for ourselves and others if we would lift ourselves out of the realm of negative thought and cultivate within our own hearts the attitude of gratitude?

Instead of thinking about the"have nots"...we should instead focus on the "haves". I have much to be grateful for. Sure, my job is stressful - but at least I have a job. Yes, my house is small - but at least I have means to afford it. Someday I will happily relocate - but right now I have the ability to blossom where I am planted.

This is a wonderful time to be on earth. While there is much that is wrong...there is also much that is right. For every marriage that fails...more that are making it. For every abused child...there are many parents who love and sacrifice for their children. There are teachers who teach. There are policemen who serve. There are soldiers who fight. There are neighbors that smile.

I'm an optimist.

So I'm washing all of the pond scum off and I'm recounting my many blessings. One by one. Eliminate the negative - accentuate the positive. In doing that, you know what I (again) realize?! Life is pretty darn great and I feel really good.

It's a matter choice. Viva la vida.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Death By Chocolate

Meet Cocoa.

That isn't her real name - I changed it. Her momma and daddy named her Katrina at birth but I changed it to Cocoa. It sounds better to me.

She calls me Gabriella.

Because she thinks I look like the really pretty girl on High School Musical (highest paid compliment I've ever received, by the way).

Cocoa's mom sent me a text from Parent and Teacher's Conference. On the wall of her elementary school it reads:


I am the one whose favorite food is steak.

I am the one whose favorite thing to do is paint.

I am the one whose favorite sport is soccer.

I am the one whose favorite vacation spot is Disneyland.

I am the one who loves my Aunt JJ.

I am Katrina Cocoa Wilson

With sweetness like this - It's no wonder I love chocolate.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Success Redefined

Want to know a secret? Mr. Thompson and I write love letters to each other. The old fashioned kind. We keep them in a leather bound journal that we gave each other for our 3rd wedding anniversary (symbolized by leather because in addition to being old fashioned...I'm also a traditionalist).

We write our letters randomly and although the entries range from short to long and funny to serious....we are always spontaneous and sincere.

Today, I wrote this:

Dear Baby,

Today I cried. It was a heart wrenching cry - one that I have not given in to often because I rarely allow myself to be hurt by people or things. Today, I did.

But in that sadness I realized one of my greatest blessings in you. Without pause I could turn to you for support and comfort knowing that your arms (and ears) would be open. In you, I would not only find comfort and love, but also peace and support. At a time when I didn't feel good enough - you let me know that quite simply, I am.

I am enough for you. I am enough for our family. I am enough for my truest friends. I am enough for the people and things that really matter in my life. Today you helped me redefine my definition of personal success.

As you dried my eyes, you reminded me that...to laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch...to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded!

I am so profoundly grateful that you are mine and that you keep teaching me what is important. You change me - always for the better. Today, as you dried my eyes and whispered the words "when you hurt, I hurt"...I knew that you meant it and I fell in love with you all over again.

Because together, we are both part of one whole. I love you.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

ET Phone Home


Little Brother tried to call me last night. Twice. I missed both calls.

Double darn.

This totally stinks because he is only allowed 15 minutes of liberty a week for the next 29 days. 15 minutes to call family. I wasted 5 of his minutes as he tried to track me down... which left less than 10 for my mom. I did, however, get the message loud and clear that Marine Combat Training is harder than Basic Training was. Not the grenade or shooting part - that is right up this kid's ally. I think it's the hiking-uphill-30 miles-a-day-with-a-100-pound-pack part that is killing him. Uphill both ways I might add.

I would have sure made a lousy Marine! But I'm grateful that he isn't.

Please keep him in your prayers.


The sweetest older lady sitting next to me in church today leaned over, put her arm around me, and whispered in my ear "isn't the gospel of Jesus Christ wonderful?!".

Yes, Sister Babcock. Yes, it is.


Which brings me to my next point. Meditation. I've been doing a lot of it lately as I try to make a big decision. So what is on my mind? I'll tell you.


I've had a really good one. At least I have when I've made good decisions. When I haven't - it's naturally been more of a struggle. So as I was literally playing the board game this week...it got me thinking.

I hope I didn't mess it all up. There are a lot of forks in Life's road! A lot of opportunities for detours and diviations. Did I always take the right turn? Will I as I continue to make decisions and move forward? Or....

Did I somewhere turn left instead of right...and become less than I was supposed to be?

Have I ever bypassed an important opportunity?

Did I ever speed up and leave someone, an important relationship, behind?

Deep stuff - I know. And all this just by playing a game. Clearly, it gave me a few "ah ha" moments which have left me more than a little pensive and self-reflective.

Anyway, I know God loves me. Even though I may have taken a detour somewhere along the way, He's sure to help me get to my final destitation if I keep trying. I know because Sister Babcock was right - the gospel of Jesus Christ is wonderful. And today as I was looking at those 16-18 year old girls that I teach in church each Tuesday and Sunday...I wanted to tell them to always make good decisions.

To always chose the right fork in the road during the game of Life.

Don't sacrifice it for money, a career, fame, or anything. And when in doubt - do what my Little Brother does...

Phone home.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

China vs. Scotland

Why is it that on the days that I really want to sleep in, I still wake up at 4:30am!? This is passable on weekdays because I can go to work early or tinker around the house. On a weekend, .....it seems unforgivable.

I'd love to be the kind of person that could just lay there snuggling with my sweetie. But alas, I'm not that kind of person.

It's not in my DNA - just ask my father. He's the hardest working person I know and in Little Brother's words last week, "Let's face it - Dad is going to die on the other end of a shovel". He can't, for the life of him, sit still and has always held to the mantra "early to bed - early to rise"...except for, of course, the fact that he goes to bed at 11pm. 5 hours of sleep a night - tops.

It's genetic I say.

Anyway, this morning I had every intention of firing up the computer to do a little work that I brought home from the office. But after firing up the computer - I literally said to myself "Screw it!" (sorry mom but that's what I said). I put in 13 hours at the office yesterday. I am NOT going to start my Saturday that way.

So I rebelled and got on Facebook instead. :)

...and while I was cruising around Facebook trying to catch up with the friends I have have ignored for the last few weeks....an advertisement on my page caught my eye.

Now, I should tell you that I've only checked out those advertisements one time. ONE. TIME. Facebook told me that if I clicked on the link I could get a FREE pair of Ugg boots. Who wouldn't pass up that offer?! What woman doesn't want a pair of expensive Uggs?! Free!

My dad, that's who.

His other mantra is "don't fool yourself - nothing in this world is free". And of course...he was right. After 30 minutes of answering questions...and 489 junk emails in my account later...no Ugg boots for me.

But this morning, I confess. This ad got me hook, line and sinker:

Facebook is so flippin' smart. First it knew that I wanted Ugg boots. Now it knows I'm infertile and need help! It's amazing how it can read my mind and offer the help I need.

With the help of the Chinese of course. Today's link took me to a website which is going to give me a miracle thanks to the holistic gurus. They have medicine. "Medicine very good" (said like you an old Native American Indian). "Medicine natural" (still said like an old Native American Indian). The first thing I saw when I entered the site was:

So of course I read the letter. Which proceeded to tell me about the Chinese medicine which is going to save my life and make all my dreams come true....just ask any of the pictured pregnant women. For a second (just one!), the site even made me feel a tiny ounce of relief that the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) didn't work last month. According to the Chinese, our baby could have had brain damage. (what?! Like I said, it only lasted a mere second.) But you know me, I'm a sucker for a good (and bad) infomercial...so here is the dilemma: do I trust the Chinese (who is really a white guy in Seattle) and buy the medicine?

Maybe I should ask my dad. Which will lead to his favorite mantra of all time...

Scotch whiskey, anyone?!

(which may or may not be the reason that my sisters have 16 kids between the three of them. We all won a bottle in the motherland a few years ago but mine is still unopened. Humm...)

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Story About A Horse

Once upon a time...

There was a little girl who loved horses. To the point of obsession.

Especially one.

His name was Butch and she met him at her grandparent's ranch - The Diamond A...a place where childhood dreams were made.

The girl doesn't remember exactly how it happened... or exactly when it happened....it just did. The little girl was around the age of 9 or 10 and most likely it was as she passed the corrals on her way to investigate Indian caves with her favorite cousin.

These two cousins were mischief-makers. They would often round up their grandfather's best horses and take turns jumping them from behind, trying to land in the saddle like Gene Autry. The girl wasn't as big or as skilled as her cousin and would usually miss (even with a hay bale), hitting the rump of the horses. Consequently, she got stuck holding the horses while her cousin did the jumping.

During one such horse gathering adventure she noticed the black beauty. It was love at first site. He let her pet him. He let her give him the sugar she stole from her grandmother's pantry. With carrots snuck from the refrigerator, this black beauty would nuzzled her and she would nuzzled him back.

And so it began.

Every spring, summer, winter and fall the girl would beg to go to see her grandparents when in reality, she really wanted to go see the horse. Sometimes he was in the meadow...sometimes he was on the range... but when the girl came to visit the big beautiful black horse was always in the coral. Waiting.

Because her grandparents just knew.

They were good like that. She thought that she had to get them to notice her love of the big beautiful black horse... but little did the girl know that they noticed everything. Even the horse jumping. And the canyon rim climbing. And the rattle snake baiting. And the mischief-making.

Her grandfather had a lot of horses because it was just that kind of ranch...but the big beautiful black one was something special. Before this story began, a younger beautiful black horse belonged her her grandfather's best friend Johnny. Johnny died from a heart attack during a hunting trip and a younger Butch hauled him out. Because the grandfather loved Johnny, Johnny's wife gave him his prized horse. The big beautiful black one.

That's just what cowboys do.

Especially for love. Which is why after much thought...and careful consideration...and a whole lot of love for a little girl...the grandfather made a special delivery when the girl turned 14.

It came in a horse trailer and the little girl was sure she was in heaven.

Which is where she has stayed for 22 years. With a little bit more sugar, a few additional carrots, the mastery of rump jumping, and a lot of two-way nuzzling....he got the girl through teenage rebellion.

And a whole lot more.

So while some think it's silly to cry about the death of an old horse, that is why the little girl - who is now a big girl - has shed more than a few tears. It's because this old horse - who was once a young horse - has always been a much loved horse.

She just hopes that her sweet little Colt - who was named Colt for a reason....is now playing with horses above.

Most especially, her own - Butch.