Saturday, December 3, 2011

I Can Do Hard Things

I am blessed.

It's as simple as that. Yesterday was a big day for me as I ended one chapter to begin another. In the quiet moments of the day there were simple reminders from cherished friends and fellow bloggers that...

Life gets hard. Really hard. For all of us... and in all those hardships it is sometimes easy to lose sight of all of the beauty around us. The blessings, for which I personally have many.

Like many of you, there have been high hopes. During a season of "Believe" we turn our hearts and our minds to the possibilities of a grown up Christmas list. Last year at this time, I was going into my "last" IVF cycle with the hope that there would finally be a baby for this year's Christmas Nativity play. That didn't work out but you know what?....

That's okay.

Because, I can do hard things.

Christmas is magical. Simply magical. And I don't want to miss out on another moment of magic with the distraction of have-nots. Have-nots hurt us all, until we realize that we all have them.

I don't have a children... but my neighbor doesn't have a job. A dear family friend lost her family, a husband and three sons, in a horrible car accident. A best friend is preparing her three month-old daughter for a second open-heart surgery on a wing and a prayer (wings of angels/prayers of many).

My issues pale in comparison.

Especially considering that what I do have... is Max - my adorable two year old nephew who is going to make the best baby Jesus for the second year in a row in this year's Nativity (unless I can convince him to be a dog with a broken antler.) He will be next to his cousin Dalyn - the funniest little six year old who instead of a Shepard will probably turn into "Bo-Bo" the sheepdog.

Infertility stinks, along with all of life's difficulties... but I'm ready to rewrite the next chapter of my life starting with a little holiday magic.

Because I can do hard things.

And so can you.


  1. Yay for holiday magic! I'm glad I helped inspire you to focus on it this year. Thanks for encouraging me to keep it up. And thanks for the Dr. Seuss quote too. It's awesome.

    Off to magicify my house! Hard things are less hard with twinkly lights everywhere, right?!

  2. I can DO hard things. I really really like that! I am gonna try and make this Christmas as magical as possible!


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