Friday, October 23, 2015

In Honor Of My Stupid 90's Tattoo - Laugh Now, Cry Later

I am convinced that God has a serious sense of humor. There is really no other explanation. 

Today, I turned 41.

Today, I started the period from hell. 

Today, my oncologist did not call as promised. She's been meaning to call me for 2 months. Today was the day she promised to follow through with the latest lab results so we can chart our path forward.  Needless to say, no call. 

Today, was the beginning of my 2-week vacation. A birthday weekend...followed by a trip to New England to see the last of the fall colors with my brother and sister. It's our annual #SiblingRival3 get-away.  

Or rather, it was our annual sibling trip.  Instead, I got a call this morning to pack immediately and get to the airport. I'm Mexico bound (via Texas) for hurricane/flooding disaster response. Oh, the life of an Emergency Services Director.

I'm convinced that Texas may be tied to my menstrual cycle. I've had 2 periods this year. One. Two. 

...The first hellacious one happened when I went to the Texas flooding this spring which lasted 7 weeks (both the period and the response). It was pure hell. 

So when Mr. Thompson cracked a joke this morning during our Godfather episode, about being sent back to Texas for my "lady days", I laughed. But by George, a call came 30 minutes later with exactly that. 

Either Mr. Thompson is a witch or God has a sense of humor. 

I'm going with God on this one because it's all too funny.   He's probably getting even with me for that stupid comedy/tragedy mask tattoo I got in college. 

(41 year old me to 21 year old me: if your going to get a tattoo for heaven's sake -  put some deep thought into it, would you?!) 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Note To Self

This week I learned that you should always shave your legs. Always.

And if you are going to wear boots - you still need to make sure that your socks match.

Because your doctor might finally decide to call you after 2 months of putting you off about your last biopsy results... and during that call, she may ask you to come in for another last-minute, unplanned, same-day redo... to see if anything has changed with the cancer cells in your uterus, while she's been putting you off for two months.

It's been complicated, friends. Very, very complicated.

But I learned that you should always mate your socks. Unless you're 14 because then it's cool.  

Almost 41?... Not so much.